CREST Survey: People’s Attitude towards Policing

The overall aim of CREST is to improve current law enforcement agencies capabilities in policing and crime investigation through the development and integration of new technologies, such as new types of cameras, wearable sensors and automated detection.

This survey aims to investigate people’s current attitudes towards policing, security, and the role of technology in policing. This will serve to benefit the design and use of these kinds of tools to be more effective and also ethical.

The survey is anonymous and takes 10 -15 minutes to complete. You need only be a resident of a European country and be 18 or over.

CREST Survey: Helping Victims in case of Terrorist Attack

Over the last months, we have seen a resurgence of terrorist attacks in Europe, most recently in Nice and in Vienna. Those attacks remind us how urgently we need to educate the public on what to do in case of an attack. With your help, we will develop educational materials that can be used around Europe and globally, to increase awareness, help keep people safe and help people to cope.

Give us your opinion by taking this survey and help us create something new and different that will help victims of such acts of terror.

This survey is anonymous and takes 10-15 minutes to complete. It is open to citizens worldwide who are 18 or over.