CREST Virtual Teleconference (VTC) Plenary Meeting – 26.05.2020

CREST Project under the COVID-19 restrictions, organized its third plenary meeting using teleconference technology between 19 – 21.05.2020. The VTC was hosted by CREST project partner ITI-CERTH who would be the host in Thessaloniki, Greece if the COVID-19 outbreak wouldn’t change the initial planning.

During the first day of the plenary meeting the the project Coordinator Mr. Mihai Simionescu from SPP Romania along with the other 9 Workpackage Leaders delivered their presentations showcasing the progress made so far fulfilling the objectives of CREST Project. During the second day of the meeting, the Executive Board of the project consortium examined the course of actions taken and made discussions regarding the challenges CREST project will face in the near future.  

Finally, the third day of the meeting was dedicated to the technical aspects of CREST. The presentations delivered from the project’s technical partners aimed to deal with planning upon the next steps regarding the project components. The CREST VTC was attended from approximately 50 representatives of the project’s consortium per day of meeting.

CREST Second Plenary Meeting & workshop – Valencia, Spain 19.12.2019

CREST Project consortium realized its second plenary meeting between 11-12 December 2019 in Valencia, Spain. The meeting was organized by Robotnik and was held at Geminis Business Center – Valencia.

During the first day of the plenary meeting the 10 Workpackage Leaders delivered their presentations showcasing the progress made so far within the scope and the objectives of CREST Project. Moreover, the planning for the upcoming period was presented and discussed among the partners of the project. During the second day of the event, several discussions were conducted amongst the consortium partners, regarding security procedures within the scope of CREST project.

Finally, a workshop for the invited LEAs representatives took place at Robotnik premises in Valencia. In this workshop LEAs representatives had the opportunity to be provided with the latest technological developments regarding the implementation of AI & IoT in fight against crime and terror.

CREST Kick off Meeting – Bucharest, Romania 20.092019

CREST project held its Kick off Meeting on the 10th and 11th of September 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. The meeting was held in the Center for Advance Research and New Materials with the participation of 45 representatives of CREST Consortium.

The project coordinator Mr. Mircea Radan of the SPP in his introductory presentation provided the Consortium Partners with the strategic goals and the guidelines of CREST Project. The presentations of the Consortium Work Package Leaders followed, describing the objectives and the ways to be achieved.

Furthermore, planning for future activities of the Consortium partners has been set and discussed among the various WP tasks in order to ensure the successful beginning of the project.